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We offer useful tools to help you do more and better business — both online and offline.

Manage Bookings, Admin & Accounts

Our all-in-one business management software allows you to add, edit or delete bookings and client info.

Never overbook again by knowing exactly how much availability you have left at any particular time of day.

You can track activities, clients, invoices and accounts with a printable manifest.

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Use our Existing Network to Sell More.

You can now sell your activities to a fast-growing network of accommodation establishments from our sister company, NightsBridge. Your activities will be advertised to the properties in your area and surrounds, increasing your client base by virtue of having the system.

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Realtime Availability Across the Web.

Accept bookings at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, through your online booking form. As all bookings are confirmed, the time you would spend on email and phone call back-and-forths is cut down exponentially.

As the software is cloud-based, (online), managing your activities can now be done from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

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Booking Button for your Website.

Linking your website to the ActivityBridge booking form is as easy as adding a button. The booking form will display everything from your activities, tours and events to your rates and payment options.

You can choose to add a search link, (which displays a list of all your activities), individual activity links or both.

The booking form is easy-to-use and is also styled to match the look and feel of your website.

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Online Payments & Money Management.

Start accepting safe, secure and PCI (Personal Card Information) compliant online payments.

No need for your own merchant account from the bank, by using PayBridge – our payment gateway system – at a flat rate fee.

Or you can link your existing Iveri and Direct Pay account to your ActivityBridge software.

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